Sunday, February 12, 2006

Out of the office (again)!

I am off to Nottingham tomorrow morning to help out with their university mission!
I doubt I will get near a computer during the week, so adios amigos, well until next Sunday. I hope to have lots of stories to tell when I get back. Please pray that we would have a great week proclaiming Jesus as Lord and the gospel as truth! Please also if you can please pray that I would be bold and confident in telling people about Jesus and also please pray for energy. I am not starting the week very well with no sleep last night due to a trip to A+E with my sister and her boyfriend. God will see me through with all His energy!


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Listen to Arctic Monkeys live

The Arctic Monkeys were in the Live Lounge with Jo Whiley yesterday and you can listen again if you follow this link:

Well worth a listen! x

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Cross in a girl's world

Saturday 18th February
£5.00 (pay on the day)
Duke Street Church, Richmond, London

"A day for girls to get together and worship God as we learn from his word and think radically about the impact of the cross on our lives".

Sound good? I think so! It is going to be a brilliant day of teaching and fellowship and the day includes seminars on things like:

Time management
Sexual temptation
Mental health issues
Women and leadership

If you are interested in coming along, just comment on this blog and I can email you the details and how you can book. It is going to be fantastic- please come!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not

The Arctic Monkeys debut album is absolutely brilliant! I cannot stop listening to it. Every single track has lyrics and a tune that will stick in your head. The two songs that they have been released 'I bet you look on the dancefloor' and 'When the Sun goes down' are fantastic tunes and have both deserved their Number 1 status. My favourite off the album has been played a couple of times on Radio 1- it's called 'Mardy Bum'. . Some of the lyrics in 'Mardy Bum are:

"Well now then Mardy Bum,Oh I'm in trouble again, aren't I?
I thought as much, Cause you turned over there
Pulling that silent disappointment face,
The one that I can't bear"

I just love the honesty of their lyrics, which all adds to their unique, fantastic style.
I hope they continue to produce brilliant music! I;m sure they'll be around for a long while!

Relay 2 piccies!

Here is installment one of my contribution to your memories of Relay 2 if you were there. If not then just enjoy everyone looking a bit silly!
Surprising us all Sam climbs the walls- literally!
The victors of the competition- congratulations Scotland!
Toria looks bemused about being surrounded by Northern Monkeys!
Our brave leader giving it his all to kick off the night!
North East team ready for bed early in the competition- looking good Paula (that dressing gown looks familiar)
Looking smooth boys!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Harry Hill- what a legend!!

I have just got back from watching 'Harry Hill's TV burp' being recorded. Now if you have not watched this show, then I highly recommend that you stay in at around 5:15 on Saturday evening for a right giggle!!

It was a lot of fun. Not only did I get to see Harry Hill but I also got to spend some time with my lovely Dad and little sister Amy. It was so much fun and I really needed a good laugh so it was just what the doctor ordered!

The whole show was very professional and I was very impressed by how smoothly it all went! I'll be watching on Saturday just to listen if you can hear my laugh at all! Probably not but worth a shot! The closest I'll ever get to being on tv.