Saturday, January 14, 2006

Struck by grace again!!

I have just been writing my mid year review about how Relay has been going for me so far. I was at the 'What have you been learning this year' question and was quite overwhelmed by how much God has been teaching me. Mainly it has been a continuous reminder of how great His grace is! No matter how many times I mess up or rely on myself for strength and wisdom, God is always there, covering me with His grace. Whilst I was writing it reminded me of a great song and fab lyrics from a guy called Andy Flannagan.

"I will return to you and say, I am not fit to be your slave, for I have sinned and turn away
My journey home is filled with fear, of what I'll find when I draw near, is there a welcome for me here.

Then running towards me a beautiful sight, A Father who loves his own, He's standing before me, exploding with life, so I offer up my own.

Into your open arms, into your open arms, into your open arms, I throw myself
Into your open arms, into your open arms, into your open arms, your arms of saving grace.

You know how faithfully I've served, all your commands I have observed, yet He recieves what I deserve.
Have I forgotten where I stand, taken for granted who I am, a child held in my Father's hands.

So come to the table and join in the feast, where joy and grace abound
For once I was dead but now I'm alive, I was lost but now I'm found."

What amazing words that reflect how gracious and loving our Heavenly Father is! I love that image of us running into His arms and getting a big hug from a Father that loves us so so much!

I highly recommend that you check this guy out as his album is really good, can listen to a couple clips of his songs on Well worth it!


Blogger Ally G said...

Hey Katie,

It all comes down to grace doesn't it? It's all we've got. So glad you're reflecting time has been fruitful. Keep on fighting the fight sister. Look forward to catching up soon.

4:33 PM  

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